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LuvLiz is a health and wellness brand inspired by children and created for parents


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It comes as no surprise that parents are always searching for the best baby formulas. What we put into our bodies is important. This is especially true for infants or growing babies. LuvLiz allows parents to still enjoy brand name baby formulas, but for a fraction of the price of retail stores or on Amazon. Our brand name baby formula is designed to promote brain development and help support infant milestones.

Making sure your infant or little one is getting the best baby formula is essential to their growth. Formulas that provide nourishment, and that aren’t chock-full of chemicals, remain the best choice for growing babies. Luv Liz only sells formulas that we have personally researched and feel are healthy choices for babies. We vet every brand and product ourselves to ensure you are only buying the very best baby formulas.

We provide growing families with the luxury and convenience of being able to order baby formula online, delivered to your door, within your budget.

LuvLiz was created to provide parents with quality childcare products that are safe and FDA approved. Being parents ourselves we noticed a need for discounted, brand name baby and infant formuals. There are hundreds of online stores that sell generic baby products, some of which aren’t necessarily safe for your infant, baby or toddler. LuvLiz wanted to focus on the overall health and wellness of children across the board. We also felt it was important to offer these high-quality baby formulas at prices that made sense to every family, no matter the dynamic.


 What Makes LuvLiz Special? 

Luv Liz is quickly becoming the go-to resource for families exploring more reasonably priced baby products and childcare supplies. What sets us above the rest is our unwavering dedication to offering only high-quality baby products from name brand resources. The internet is riddled with overseas online baby stores. And while they may be affordable, what caliber of product are you really receiving? LuvLiz doesn’t believe you should have to buy off-brand, lower quality baby products to save money. That’s why we have structured our business in a way that makes it possible for us to supply only the very best childcare products to families, while also offering lower prices than our overseas competitors.

You don’t need to sacrifice quality to save money on healthy baby and infant formula. We guarantee the lowest prices in the industry! Check back often for new baby formula brands and promotions. LuvLiz is headquartered in Los Angeles and caters to LA Mommies and families throughout Southern California, but we also ship nationwide. 

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